About Us

After much thought and our love for fine wine, we came up with the idea of adding a wine bar to our all ready established flower shop. Thus, Twyla’s Flowers – Wine – Boutique became a reality. Check back regularly to see what we are up to next! There are several additions to the boutique we are in the middle of planning, so be sure to stop in on occasion to see we have been planning.

We are dedicated in providing you with the finest wines.  I guarantee, you will find a wine that you enjoy. There are several different wines on our list so be sure to check it out!

Here at Twyla’s we also have a selection of three different gaming machines that you can come in and sit at.

We also have a Boutique section. Would you like to look around and shop? Visit our website, http://twyla.mybigcommerce.com/ ,and shop all the newest styles!

Please feel free to bring your picnic baskets and any other foods you would like to eat.  Many of the area restaurants also will deliver to the Bar. We have added TJ’s and Gallagher’s pizzas for you to enjoy while you are here at either one of our events or just stopping in to have a glass (or two) of wine.  Be sure to grab your friends to have a Girls Night Out or to meet up while the kids are in practice or simply doing their own thing.

The Best Wines are the Ones We Drink With Friends.

For any questions on our Floral shop, call us, pricing may vary!

Our gaming parlor.
Yummy! Gallagher’s Pizza!